Monday, June 14, 2010

(Man) Quick Hits

I decided to follow my own blog to make it an even 8. Besides, I read every post.

I went to a softball tournament to watch my brother-in-law play. I was surprised to see more smoking then testicle scratching.

Daisy came home after playing soccer with friends and said I was a good husband. I asked her why and found out she has a friend who has to sneak out of the house to play. Husband doesn't like it. If that's my husband competition then where's the trophy?

Felt like I was training dogs today except they were my kids. Had a pocket full of peanut M&M's and would give them a piece every time they picked up 10 toys. They were diligent to say the least.

As a teenager I heard, "Just be yourself" many times but didn't know who I was to begin being myself. I found out today I still struggle with that problem. Especially when I compare myself to others. And even more especially when I compare my weaknesses with their strengths.

If you would like a more realistic view of what therapy looks like then rent "In Treatment" from Blockbuster or Netflix. It is a series from HBO. Hollywood managed to do quite well reflecting a Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic therapy session.

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  1. You know, I am going to follow my own blog as well. That was just brilliant and I am mad that I didn't think of it first.