Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(Son) Road Kill *Part II*


Watched Buddy and Buddy Spouse sway back and forth with increasing momentum. Daisy started to cry and could not watch thinking they would die. Goose watched dumbfounded feeling helpless to do anything. Called them and asked if they were OK. Buddy Spouse sounded calmer than Goose thought she should considering the circumstances. Buddy states he lost a year off of his life. Goose can’t stop thinking of how the load was situated and how he was responsible for what happened.

Stopped for fuel in New Hampshire and hugged each other. Driving slower now, but soon experienced another episode of losing control of the vehicle where it was not possible to keep it in one lane of traffic. Arrive at Revere, Mass, (where Buddy and Buddy Spouse stayed when they visited Boston, and had rented the car).


Truck looses control and Goose says something along the lines of, “This is Bullsh--!” Daisy calls Penske help line and talks to a representative about what may be the problem. Gets address for nearest Penske service station.

Buddy: Goose took Daisy, Buddy Spouse, Beat and Fire to airport in the rental car while Buddy stayed with the truck and repaired the cigarette lighter outlet.


Got to the airport with help of the GPS. Watched the ladies get through security with two kids and several bags that include toys, diapers, stroller, burp rags, children’s Tylenol, rash cream, wipes, blankets, juice, cheerios, suckers, wallets, passports, and cell phones to name a few. Say a prayer for their 6 hour flight. Found out later Beast didn’t get to sleep until 30 minutes until touchdown in Portland, OR (11:30 pm Eastern Time). Was comatose from then on throughout getting off the plane, car ride down to Salem, and transition to bed which included diaper and clothes change. Fire perfectly happy with sleeping and food.

On the way back to Hotel the GPS gave strange directions and so Goose was confused. Ended up going through a toll booth without cash and had to fill out paperwork promising to pay the State of Massachusetts their $3.50 within 14 days. End up in East Boston going down alleys and through parking lots that send me down street Blah when it was actually named Blah Blah Blah. Miraculously end up back at Hotel but Goose then realizes he lost Penske truck keys. Began thinking about sitting on curb and crying. Buddy showed up and stated he had made an extra pair of keys while in Bangor. Never did find the originals.

Buddy: Took rental truck to Penske repair depot in Boston. It was a struggle getting there, as we missed turns and the GPS instructed us to make U-turns and took us through narrow alleys, and over streets where we had already been.


It was like what I would imagine purgatory would be.

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