Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(Son) Road Kill *Part IV*

Buddy: Pro Football HOV is a great experience. Renewed confidence in the GPS, as it gets us through a very urban north Ohio and back to the west-bound interstate very efficiently. Brett Favre vs. Green Bay Packer saga is only topic on sports radio. Late afternoon traffic through Chicago is scary. Stay at Joliett, Ill on Wed night. It was a good day. Goose relaxed in the hot tub with people who had nice Harley Davidson motorcycle on a trailer(they had refused to move it from its sideways position in the parking lot).


Bowed to the HOF gods and kissed its hallowed ground upon entry. Cried upon seeing the bronzed face of my childhood hero Steve Largent. Was held and soothed by brawny men who held no judgment toward my red, puffy, and sobbing appearance. Learned everything I needed to know about motorcycle safety from my new friends.

Buddy: Up early Thurs morning for a 700+ mile travel day. Announcement that Favre traded to NY Jets. Dump truck with trailer nearly wipes out Buddy on freeway interchange in Omaha. Nice meal at Ruby Tuesday's (near Lincoln). Arrive at North Platte, Neb (totally exhausted). Motel has workout room with a Schwinn Air-Dyne. With stops, have been averaging 44 mph, so agree that we will not do another 700 mile, 16 hour day. Map out plan to travel average of 500 miles per day (10 to 12 hours), which will get us to Salem on Sunday afternoon.


Have an epiphany in Omaha. Found out how much I love my father after dump truck nearly took his life. Slowly begin to care more about him than our stuff in the back. My apologies to Kylie Cole as I have no interest in visiting University of Nebraska (only ten minutes from where we ate dinner) or staying any longer than I have to in Nebraska.


Up early Friday morning to begin trek across remainder of Nebraska, and into Wyoming. Goose determines the Flying J truck stop at Cheyenne would be a good place to eat and refuel the vehicles. He was wrong. Restaurant had a larger smoking section that non-smoking, and food was not great. Buddy sampled both breakfast and lunch buffets, while Goose wisely ordered from the menu. Fuel pumps wouldn't take Goose's credit cards, and employees were not helpful. Goose is apologetic about his un-Christ like attitude.


Summed up well. Upon reflection, would have rather chanced running out of gas and starving.

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