Sunday, June 6, 2010

(Husband) Daisy's Children

Before Beast was born, I already felt her attention slipping from me to the baby. I posed a question to find out where I stood in order of importance.

Goose - “If Beast and I both fell into a raging river and you could only save one of us…… (here comes the hammer)…….who would you save?

Daisy – “Beast”

Goose – Now hurt and rejected I wonder if having a kid was a good idea. What am I, a sperm donor? “But what about me?” I said.

Daisy – “Beast would be helpless to save himself.”

Goose – “I think I might be a little helpless too”

Daisy – “But you would have a better chance then Beast”

Goose – “That’s not the scenario. It’s about imminent death.”

Daisy – “Are you saying you want Beast to die?”

Goose – “No, I’m just saying if you saved me we could always have another baby with no harm done.”

She turned on her heel with an over the shoulder glare.

I guess some people (Daisy) can’t stand a well thought out argument. With that in mind, I took an article and changed things around a bit. Reference down below.

Daisy will protect her children to the very end and should never be approached under any circumstances. Even if you see her child left on their own, chances are she could be lurking close by and will perform a mock-attack or an actual attack if she senses danger. This defense measure of Daisy likely derives not so much from other children’s threats but from the obvious history of her husband who will kill her children for more attention. Daisy must be overly protective.

I imagine this scenario down the road a bit.

Teenagers are technically referred to as “habitual humans” and always a problem all their own. These teenagers have lost most of their fear of adults; they can be very persistent beggars. The smell of available food, whether it’s fresh or disposed garbage, can cause them to turn from beggars to demanders, a serious concern for parents. If necessary, Daisy will rightfully drive her children away from the house before the coming of their 20th year.

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