Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Man/Husband) State Fair (Part III)

DG: How many details do you need to move past this? How many? Do you want me to say I thought of you every time I went to a fair. Because I didn’t. I was in my own world at the time. I was in a selfish phase and had forgotten who had helped make me the person I was. I’m sorry OK? I honestly didn’t know if you had missed me. You had so many other suitors. Remember that 4-H guy Tom?

SF: Oh come on, we were only friends.

DG: That’s what you say now. (Pause) Do you ever think of the incident?

SF: (whispering) yes.

DG: I was walking up to the ride with my wife.

SF: Do you really have to do this?

DG: Yes I do. I was walking up the ramp and saw my aunt who was running the ride. I hadn’t seen her in ten years. She looked ragged and tired. I was surprised when she recognized me. “Gooooooooooose!” She yelled.  It was Aunt Cauliflower alright. I’m not even sure anybody had heard from her in years. She was never mentioned at Thanksgiving meals unless in hushed tones. Dad saw her name written on a bathroom wall a couple of times but that was it. “Should I go on this ride?” I asked you. Should I take the risk with Aunt Cauliflower at the helm? The person I cared most about was by my side and I didn’t want to put her in harm’s way. The ride began to look more rickety and rusty by the second.  I even saw a missing bolt or two. Then I heard a voice.

SF: That’s enough.

DG: No that’s not enough. It was your voice. The voice said, “Give her a second chance. Maybe she is clean now. It’ll be so much fun.” I looked at my worried bride and said, “I have from good sources that this will be great!” And she believed me State Fair. And I believed you.

SF: I was jealous. I meant no harm.

DG: But you did harm. All I remember were bloodcurdling screams fading into more bloodcurdling screams. With vomit sprayed on my face and tears running down my cheeks I begged for mercy but mercy never came. Then my eyes opened to see a bright light in front of me. I heard a voice. “God?” I said.

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