Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Man/Husband) State Fair (Part IV)


“Where am I?”

“In my care.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. Nurse Jesus, will you help me out with this bandage?”

“Right away Dr. Gob”

I shot up like a bolt of lightning. “Where is Daisy?”

“Just rest now son.” I grabbed him by his stethoscope.

"Where is she?"

“The Psych Ward! Now let go of me.”

“The Psych Ward?”

“She suffered a lot of trauma. They have her on a very powerful sedative.”

SF: Aunt Cauliflower wasn’t very good at her job.

DG: It wasn’t Aunt Cauliflower’s fault it was yours.

SF: Your right. I’m sorry. Has Daisy recovered?

DG: Nobody ever told her about it.

SF: She doesn’t remember?

DG: Fortunately all she knows is we bought Cotton Candy and went home.

SF: We have been through a lot together haven’t we Goose?

DG: Yeah, can we come see you this year? I have two children now.

SF: I’ll leave the tickets at gate D.

DG: I’ll see you there.

SF: You know where to find me.

DG: I’ll always love you…..despite everything that has happened.

SF: I know.

DG: Bye

SF: Goodbye.


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