Sunday, August 1, 2010

(Man) Locking Horns

My friend sent me this in jest.  But, just in case I was wrong, I decided to proselytize him.


Dr. Goose,

I took some time to read through your blog on the Sabbath no less, and must say I was deeply offended. I find your humor deeply offensive and not suitable for keen minds like my own. I choose not to embrace such frivolous thinking and, instead, opt for more civilized thinkers such as Kant, Durkheim, and Marx. It seems to me Dr. Goose deals with some serious issues. Perhaps some reading of Freud on Oedipus Complex-ing might be appropriate. The behavior described in the blog regarding pranking and childhood foolishness reveals some serious concerns. I might suggest that Dr. Goose consider dealing with these issues through some good supervision. I might also recommend drinking tea and jumping...naked...on your front porch. This, I have found, has maturing power for all my clients.


Mr. Tap,

I'm deeply sorry for inviting you into my darkness. I too have a deep disgust in regard to what my mind thinks about. And what is more disgusting is I want others to take steps into my private hell by reading my filth and passing it along to their friends. Maybe some will shake their heads in confusion. Maybe some will chuckle in an, "I'm embarrassed for him" sort of way. Some may laugh but feel dirty afterward. Like they have been taken advantage of. But maybe, just maybe, there will be a person who connects with what I say. Who appreciates a man with an open mind and soul. Willing to bare all for those who choose to be equally vulnerable. Then, and only then, will I feel together with the universe. Not a complete monster like you suggest but a peaceful river that flows into every consciousness of man. Who jumps on his front porch naked. Not because he has to or has been told to but because he wants and desires to for the good of all people. May I also recommend something Mr. Tap? Strip away your Westernized reason and logical chains. Join the freedom of a new day and tear down your false idols of Kant, Durkheim, and Marx. Take the chance of joining our story.

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