Monday, August 23, 2010

(Man) Authors

It is difficult to find time to read blogs rather than write my own.  Sunday and Monday seem to be the only days I have time to write a blog so I want to spend my time creating and not reading. Even more so when I feel my blog isn't worth a sack of crap since there are so many talented writers weaving their words together like an orchestra creating beautiful music.  However, I find people have interesting lives and are able to put the reader in a position to actually see the story through their eyes.  I have heard these author bloggers say, "hearing your voice" to other writers.  I have now found a few blogs where I enjoy the voice of the author and how they explain the most simple of events.  Two writers can write about the same subject matter but I may like one over the other.  Both are good writers just like there can be two great guitar players playing the same piece of music.  I guess it just comes down to a matter of taste and if more people relate to one voice than another.  I have also found some blogs have more followers but aren't necessarily better in writing or in content than other blogs that have fewer followers.  That doesn't mean writers who have large numbers don't deserve their following.  It simply means there are hidden gems who have not been found or who don't do a good job of promoting/marketing themselves.  Beyond all of that I have come to appreciate every book that has ever been written.  These writers go through the ringer trying to get their books published.  And the majority of time writing 8-10 books before the first publication if any.  A lot of time and stress spent creating something that may never be seen.  I take my hat off to any writers who may be reading.


  1. I'm certain you are speaking of me. Thank you.

    LOVED the SF posts. Seriously loved them.

    My Dad was a carnie. When I was born my Mom got a hold of him somehow and he passed out cigarettes to everyone instead of cigars. Class.y.

    Can I piggy back on your State Fair posts and write about this beautiful event? I had completely forgotten (blocked it out of my memory) until today. That's just funny stuff.


    p.s. You got a shout out in my womanly woman post today.