Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(Husband) Elevator Man

I have heard that giving birth is slightly uncomfortable and having the right kind of people surrounding you helps in the process.  For Beast's birth we had a female friend with us who was a labor and delivery nurse named Black Crow.  I asked Daisy if there was any man, besides me, who she would feel comfortable enough to invite in as a VIP.

“Not really.”

“What if you had to choose at least one man.”

“Maybe Rhino.”

“That’s a cop out because he is a doctor.”

“Well let’s change the context and it will be easier. There is no man I would actually invite into the birthing room but if I were stuck in an elevator giving birth and had to choose a guy I might choose……um…….Bran Flakes.”




“Because he is a guy who would focus on accomplishing the task without feeling awkward in an awkward situation. He also would never speak of it to anyone unless given my permission first.”

“That makes sense. Can I tell him?”


I tried to think of another question but instead remembered I was in the top five people her sister would invite into the birthing room if the first four were unable to come. I think it was her husband, her mom, her best friend, her best friend’s mom, and then me. There was no way in hell I was going into that room because the first four would have to be caged somewhere in the armpit of the world (think of where that place might be for you). I believe I was number seven but worked into the fifth spot because the fifth and sixth people lived in different states. Somebody asked her (probably Daisy) why me.

“Because he is a doctor.”

“Of Clinical Psychology not Medicine!”

“Maybe he could calm me down.”

I thought that was a good argument. Now that I think of it maybe I was number nine out of ten.  No matter.  What male would you invite into the delivery room, or elevator, and why?  Now that I think about it, what male would I feel comfortable having in the room.  I guess guys can weigh in too.


  1. I think your sister in law is a smart woman. It never hurts to have extra doctors around. Don't worry Dr. Goose, you're definately my top guy (but if he asks, your the top guy after him).