Tuesday, May 4, 2010

(Son) Mother? Please stop.

Soon it will be mother's day. God bless all mothers. But I think my mother has started going over the deep end and it's starting to scare me a bit. Inappropriate forwards. Listen, I appreciate a risqué forward from a friend now and then. But dear old mom? Let me describe it to you.

The characters look like they were drawn by the creators of South Park. The husband is across the yard and out of earshot from his wife so he uses hand signals to ask, "Where is the rake?" The wife hand signals back by pointing to her left breast, to her bottom, and then her, hhmmm how would Oprah say it, VaJaja. The husband didn't know what to think so he shrugged his shoulders. The wife repeated her actions. But this time it had subtitles that read, "Left it (left tit) behind (bottom) the bush (VaJaja).

Mom, I love you. But for son's sake don't send another one. If you choose not to heed this advice I will not purchase the $6.99 bouquet and the 99 cent card I was going to give you.


  1. Oh, I loved that email. But then, I didn't get it from my mom either.


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  3. I agree. Before now I had never thought of how I would receive the forward's information depending on the relationship I have with the person sending it. Meaning, I think other mothers and their children could get away with it. My mother was probably blushing while holding her hand over her mouth giggling and thinking she was getting away with something. Knowing her, I think she felt as if she were riding the edge of evil so it didn't quite fit. Good try though.