Sunday, May 2, 2010

(Father) Writing on the wall

Every day I have a new subject to write about.  My fear is I will write too much but I will certainly promise posts on Monday and Thursday.  I have joined twitter but am finding it hard to connect with people.  I can follow as many people as I want but how is anybody going to find me? Oh well, time will tell.  Anyway, here is what the post is about. 

Mr. Fire boy is a much different child then Beast ever was.  Fire does things that are not appropriate and will then do all the "right" things in his apology such as, head down (remorse), saying sorry in a tone that says, "let's be friends again", and after serving a time-out in the most polite way as possible, will hug and kiss you while laying his head on your shoulder after it is time to get out of jail (corner).  Then, within a couple of minutes, he will trot off and rip a page out of Beast's book. 

So the kid's are in Fire's room and everything is somewhat peaceful.  It really is true about something being wrong when siblings are quiet with one another.  The kids come out, I go in, and find the walls are decorated with scribbles from a crayon.  I ask Beast and he points at Fire.  I ask Fire and he nods.  I take each child in and measure their reach in proportion to the "art".  I can't be sure if Fire is actually owning up to the drawings or if he doesn't know what Beast and I are talking about.  Daisy thinks it was Fire. 

It wasn't until I was getting Fire out of bed on a regular basis when he began to point out the drawings as if I should praise him.  I would use a scolding "no" but it was almost as if he interpreted my word as if I was making some sort of joke when he threw his head back and laughed. can I ever be taken seriously?

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