Saturday, July 17, 2010

(Son) Naughty

Before I begin, I want to thank all of you who have had me on their prayer list in regard to my scrotum. I think everything is going to be OK so you can send that message down the prayer chain. I have already had several people do a prayer walk around my house and while I do appreciate the sentiment, you are starting to scare the children. With that said, I shall begin.

As a 15 year old lad I was placed into a class for potential dropouts. I wasn’t outwardly obstinate as much as passive aggressive. During the day I would smile at teachers and be friendly. I would say things like, “Your right, I should show up to school more. I’m really sorry.” and then walk out of school once they had their back turned. Night time was the right time for destruction and I’m willing to bet some of you have been the victims of teenage, or what you suspect were teenage, unruly behavior.

I was driving to work today when Daisy called and asked if I had taken down the pirate flag in front of our garage. We had left it up after the party because it was big and looked cool for the kids whenever we came home. I said no and it didn’t take but a second to realize what had happened. Teenagers. Those damn teenagers took it and I was not at all happy. Do I have an idea as to what teenagers? No. I just knew they were. Godforsaken teenagers who are headed straight into the bowels of hell. Y’know what I would like to do my blog reading/writing family? Do whatever it would take to make them p*ss their britches. I don’t know, maybe put a trash can on their head and beat it with a bat. Maybe some of you have felt the same way. The question is usually why. Why would someone feel the urge to steal or vandalize __________?

As a young felon I can say it is an incredibly selfish act that has nothing to do with the people who own the object other than we found some need to gratify our anger or else be gratified by someone else being angry. And I can’t say it is only limited to disorderly teenagers. I believe adults display destructive behavior born out of anger with the only difference being a more sophisticated excuse for being an a**.

Daisy said she would have considered giving the flag to the people if they had just asked. But it isn’t about the flag as much as the excitement that makes me forget them forget the disgust they have for life at the time. These teenagers will not all end up in the bowels of hell like I had hoped after hearing about the flag. And thank God. Because some day they may even end up being my responsible neighbors across the street.


Am I saying boys/girls will be boys/girls and not to worry? No. But, for most, these kids have hearts despite the callousness they may display (“I don’t care”) and harshness by authority is what is expected. I want to end with two short stories.

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