Sunday, July 18, 2010

(Man) Pimping my Blog

If you are returning to this blog then evidently you were not repulsed by its simple design.  I have read in several places that people may not respect what you have to say if you don't have a design on your blog that commands a certain amount of creativity, and ultimately, respect.  I guess my old blog design was like showing up to a job interview with cut off jean shorts and an undershirt with yellow pit stains.  With this new layout from the cutest blog on the block (see upper left hand corner) I believe I have moved up to business casual.  Or at least backyard BBQ guest style with classy jeans and a polo shirt with a crocodile on the pocket .  Daisy said it kind of, "looked girly" but I said I could weather any criticism thrown my way.  Then I thought, maybe I am a woman.  Some would say it is too late but I don't think so.

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