Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Hits: Just Weight

I spoke with our Administrative Assistant today who said she went to her OBGYN the other day.  She said she gained 15 lbs since her last appt and the dr. said he would like to see her gain more around the 12 lb mark instead of 15 lbs. She felt awful.  Does that sound like a crazy to any number of you?  I thought those kind of statistics were outdated.  I know there can be an unhealthy mark but gaining 3 lbs. more than average in her last month of pregnancy is really a problem?  I worked at a University and became well aware of how many women suffer from eating disorders.  Can you imagine a woman who was suffering from an eating disorder leaving a dr. appt like that?  She wouldn't eat for the rest of the day or maybe the next.  I would like to say it's the exception to the rule but the same thing happened to Daisy.

Speaking of weight, I have packed on some pounds.  Within the last 4 years I have gone from 175 lbs. to 210 lbs.  I am 6 foot 3 so it doesn't look terrible.  And I really don't want to give up chocolate.  I woke up the morning after Beast's birthday party and approached the kitchen.  I looked to the right and found bananas.  I looked to the left and saw leftover chocolate cake.  Hhhhhmmmm.....it would take too long to peel the banana.  Chocolate cake for breakfast it is. 

Speaking of, Psychologists like to talk about self care but a lot of us rarely practice it.  The big three are eating, sleeping, and excercise habits.  I drove last night having not slept very well the night before.  There was a construction zone that merged the passing lane down to the middle lane very quickly.  I was stuck between orange traffic barrels and a 70 foot semi-truck.  I sped up because I couldn't slam on my brakes and come to a complete stop while crashing into the cones.  I squeezed through both of them with inches to spare.  I'm serious when I say inches because one of the cones took off the driver's side mirror.  Daisy almost peed her pants.  I was too tired to care.


  1. Just 3 pounds in the last month?? That doesn't seem right... Poor girl! I hope she feels better soon.

    I was scared for you to read of your near accident, but glad that you averted a crisis! I hope tomorrow will be better for you!

  2. Thanks Loveable. The adrenaline kept me awake for at least a mile and the kids didn't even wake up. Daisy was pinching my arm the last mile home. I thought I passed our house and was going to turn around. Daisy said it was still a block further.

  3. My husband thinks that cake is one of the food groups. He says if you can have breakfast for dinner why can't you have dessert for breakfast.

    I see his point.

  4. Kelly,

    That's true. If Donuts and 400 calorie muffins from Costco are breakfast items then cake has to be included.