Monday, October 4, 2010

(Father) Sick

The sick season is upon us.  Daisy has been the only person within our immediate family who has avoided whatever the hell is giving me a headache at this moment.  A few statements on health:

1)  There are very few things I hate more than my kids being sick.  My heart becomes especially torn when I hear them coughing at night and I have done everything I can for them.  My children are as crazy as peach orchard boars, which becomes incredibly tiresome, but I would rather have them wild than laying on my shoulder with a temperature.  Because if they are laying on my shoulder there is something terribly wrong.

2)  I, and many others, expect to maintain our current level of productivity despite our sickness.  I wonder why I am grumpy when it is perfectly clear my body is not well.  I am short with my kids and co-workers and consider it a character flaw rather than gaining insight into the context of my life.

3)  Hypocrisy.  You go into the doctor for a cold and they do an "add-on" that makes you never want to visit the doctor again.  Have you ever been told to lose weight from a physician who has clearly had one to many cheeseburgers?  Have you ever been told to quit smoking from a physician who has tobacco on their breath? 

4)  The zealots on the other side aren't any better.

Doctor: "You should lose weight"

Patient:  "You don't have an ass."

Doctor:  "I'm a marathon runner"

Patient:  "I hope you drop dead on your next jog"

Anyway, I toast to your good health because it is easy to take for granted.  

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