Monday, October 18, 2010

(Grandson/Son/Brother/Uncle/Nephew/Cousin) Birthday

Do you have two sets of friends?  Like office friends and High School friends who have never met each other and probably never will?  Perhaps they have and they separate into little enclaves at parties.  They have different dynamics and two different cultures take time to mesh.  Well, I have different relationships with different members of my extended family and prefer they stay separate.  But family members don't always have the luxury of staying separate for very long.  And so it happened...........

My nephew was exercising his cooking skills for my grandmother's 84th birthday party.  My sister asked me to go and, because I love my nephew very much, I went.  Without Daisy.

Update:  Daisy said my post was, "Too Harsh" for human consumption.  These paragraphs have been edited for the safety of all who would choose to read it. 

If you have made it this far I commend you for listening to my rant.  Believe me, I'm quite sure I play as big of a part in this soap opera as anyone else.  Does anybody else have weird dynamics in their families?  Is there any way to change them to be more healthy?  A mentor of mine would you say you only have the power to change yourself for the better but that sounds too difficult.

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