Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Father) If your happy then I'm happy

Look at this happy family.  Aren't they having the time of their lives?  They looked well rested, joyful, and well nourished with their only concern being what ride to go on next.

It brings to mind a frustration I have.  I want my kids to act happy even if they aren't.  Adults are great at this.   

I give Daisy a gift, she opens it, and then looks at me like I'm a 2nd grader trying to perform differential calculus (sadness but with appreciation for effort).  She then composes herself, smiles at my gift, and then states how pretty it is.  Everyone is happy

I want my kids to be happy so I decide to take them swimming.  Found an example of a list of things to bring on-line.


•Baby Powder for extra help getting dry and to prevent a swim cap from sticking together

•Shampoo/Conditioner if showering at the swimming pool

•Soap/Shower Gel if showering at the swimming pool

•Hair Brush/Comb


•Flip-flops or similar footwear for around the pool and/or showering areas

•Wet Bag, which can be a plastic bag or a fabric bag with a waterproof internal lining, as long as it keeps the rest of the items dry from the wet swimming costume

•A small change wallet with membership card, locker money and some reserve money for emergencies.

Other items that may be included in a swim bag:



•Facial Wipes

•Bottle of Water

•Goggles/Swim Cap.

Instead of joy, they refuse to get in because it is too cold and their swim instructor looks like a monster, Darth Vader, or our pediatrician with an immunization shot in hand.  After all the screaming, wailing and crying I decided it was time for me to calm down.  The kids look a little embarrassed at my actions but I spent so much time trying to lead these horses to water only to have it backfire.  They could have at least acted like they appreciated what I was trying to do.  I'm telling you, if I spent that much time for a picnic lunch with Daisy I could guarantee a few more years of matrimonial bliss. 

For better or worse, kids will tell you exactly what they think and will act according to how they feel.  Case in point, Beast pointed at a man's belly the other day and told him it was "big and silly".  Why can't they just lie like everyone else?  Act happy, it's not all that hard once you practice it a few times.

The giggling, laughing, and joyful screaming are all I want to hear no matter what.  They need to get along with other kid's at the park, like the food I bring, and have the time of their lives.  Even if it isn't true.    I'll sit back on the bench I'm sitting on and smile while all the parents tell me what great kids I have.  And when all of that anger comes out 20 years later they will then be in a position to pay for therapy themselves.


  1. Were these swim lessons in a nice, heated indoor pool? Were you in the water with them? Didn't you take your diazepam first?

    Poor dad. But this is just good training for when they become teenagers. :)

  2. I kid you not. I did play therapy that night and the next day they were great. Coincidence?