Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(Husband) Flying Solo

I met Daisy when she was playing soccer at the University of Oregon.  And I owe her a great deal of thanks for introducing me to the world of soccer........................women.  Women who play soccer are awesome.  They are confident and tough but with a soft tender underbelly of feminine charm.  Look at Hope Solo for instance.  A look of competitive concentration with a pink dazzle of, "Hey!  I care about breast cancer too."  Or maybe it helps her eyes pop or something.  Whatever the case is, a woman who can drop kick a soccer ball 50 yards gives me shivers.  And guess what?  Soccer is like water polo on grass.  Those piston legs are sprinting across the whole field.  Which means their legs can crush almond shells.

Daisy was born to play soccer and had devoted so much time and effort into the game that it made my head spin.  To become a Division I athlete is incredibly difficult.  And to stay a Division I athlete is just as hard.  I was invited over to Daisy's house (parents) and was introduced to her father who refused to shake my hand.  I walked around the house and saw picture after picture of Daisy on different teams who traveled around the United States.  Later I was to find the large amount of trophies and medals in a back closet.  I thought to myself, "I'm some sort of sorry ass punk who is waltzing into this poor girl's life and going to detract her from her true love.  I can't take her time and energy away from all that she has worked so hard for.  Maybe her dad sees me as a distraction."

Later we took a drive.  I stopped the car and said, "Listen, you have too much going on and I am going to just be a distraction." 

"Are you breaking up with me?"

"I'm just saying that maybe we should slow down so you can concentrate on what is important."

"So your saying we should date other people?"

"Well, no because you need that time to play soccer.  Y'know like getting your game face on and all of that stuff."

"Well I think I should have the right to date."

"Sure. But I'm living an hour away so it takes time and....."

"So I should date someone here in Eugene."


"So who should I date?"

"Me!  Me!  I want you to date me."

"It's settled then.  I'm hungry so where do you want to eat?"

"Um....I don't know.  Maybe Burger King."

"Nah.  Something else."

And that's how Daisy and I got together.  Not only could she play college soccer while taking time to date me.  She could play soccer and take the time to be a wife.  After her sophomore year we got married, she transferred to a college in Colorado and was able to graduate with only a thousand dollars in debt with academic and athletic scholarships.

So while I joke with her about being in love with Hope Solo.  The only soccer girl I have ever found to have the whole package is Daisy.  Manipulative mind games and all.

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  1. Did she catch you looking at the Hope Solo pictures in the newest ESPN spread?