Sunday, September 25, 2011

Father/Husband (Reflection)

It's strange how much influence this blog has had on me.  I was looking for an outlet to express myself and to find a new perspective on my identity in my relationships to Daisy and the boys.  I was telling Daisy how we have never really documented any stages of change in the boy's lives and then remembered this blog.  It has added a new perspective and reminded me of snippets of memories I would have long forgotten. 

I didn't ever set out to stop writing these past two months but it took its natural course given time restraints.  In many ways the blog reduced my stress during hard times because I could always reframe the situation into positive thoughts and entertain myself, and maybe others, in the process. 

Something I have learned is that we are organic creatures who learn and grow and that our expressions can reflect the internal working of our spirit.  In many ways the writers of blogs do this but need to stay within a certain framework that the readers expect.  I'm not sure that applies to me.  If you are reading this then you have stuck with me in spite of my respite.  I will be back.

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