Thursday, July 7, 2011

(Husband) Anchor

I was dancing with the lady in red last weekend at a wedding we attended.  I have to admit, she looked more scrumptious than the cake.  Then Daisy interrupted and made me dance with her.  I was bummed.  Actually it was Daisy that took center stage.  The bride was quite annoyed.

We left at 3 and traveled up into the mountains where the wedding took place.  It was beautiful.  The ceremony was set by a lake with a backdrop of tall fir trees.  The ceremony included everything you could imagine.  Poetry readings, prayers, blessings, everyone touching the rings, memorized wedding vows, sand, and stories.  We ate, we toasted, we drank, we ate cake, and danced.  We got home at 11 so it was an 8 hour celebration from start to finish.  If you consider we celebrated during our drive up there. 

Daisy left our home a couple of days before the wedding in order to be part of the preparation, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.  I thought it was great because I could have time to do things around the house.  That was fun until I found myself a day and a half later streaming, "Hot Tub Time Machine" thorugh Netflix.  I realized Daisy's company wasn't so bad after all.  Had I been taking her for granted?  Never!  Could I be becoming dependent upon her for happiness?!?  Holy crap, her evil manipulative plan has begun to take effect.  I'll just head to Eugene and act casual like I didn't care about her.  Then she would know she doesn't have power over me. 

The problem was that I did care.  I showed up and was very happy to see her and the boys.  Life is better with them.  So what does this have to do with the wedding?  Well Daisy is dancing around the room socializing and making people laugh.  She really was the lady in red with everyone wanting to chat it up with her.  There I was in the corner, beer in hand, and alone with my thoughts.  Does this woman really need me as much as I need her?  I could keel over dead and she wouldn't even know it for at least a couple of hours.  And then, if there were enough guys still there, she could charm her way into a ride home.  By the time the drive is over she would have found a new father/income for the boys.

We finally depart after the bride and groom ran past our tunnel of sparklers.  The next night I was feeling sorry for myself and needed encouragement.  So I did what any man who needed ego stroking would do.  I took off my shirt and flexed.  "Daisy look!"

She looked up.  "That's very nice dear."  As she turned back to her book.

I unflexed and finally took a breath.  Then I went to bed.  Daisy crawled up next to me.  This may be too graphic so if you have any young children please stop reading out loud and take them into the next room.  You may even need to have someone else filter the information.  I spooned her.  Then she said , "You know you are my anchor right?"

"What do you mean?"

"When I was walking around the room at the wedding it was so nice to look around and find you.  I knew that I could always go and be with you if I ever felt insecure." 



And then, there will now be an even more graphic scene, we spooned longer.  It's nice to feel I have something to give the relationship.

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