Monday, September 20, 2010

(Man) Quick and Dirty

Here is me getting Quick and Dirty with two of my female friends.  One is ready while the other is scared.

I’m challenged to make my blog more readable. As I have come to understand, it is not the content as much as the presentation.  Thus the "Dirty".

I have found pictures to be fun and am now going to include more bullet points rather than enormous paragraphs.  The "Quick" is not premature quick but also not boringly long where both people would rather just watch TV. 

I’m going to stick with family topics and less of myself unless it relates to my three favorite people.

Through my cousin’s blog I have found females writers and I absolutely adore them.  But my new goal is to find married male readers. If you know of any would you send this link to them and see if they like it? Maybe they have suggestions to make it better or what topics are more of an interest to them.

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