Saturday, March 5, 2011

(Father) Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'

"We don't work in the coal mines Goose."  That is what a supervisor told me a few years back when I complained of being tired after a day full of ten clients, phone calls, and reports.  I certainly understood.

Goose:  "It's dark in here."

Miner:  "It's a mine."

Goose:  "When is our 15 minute break? 

Miner:  "What's that?"

Goose:  "Where's the water?"

Miner:  "Back at camp."

Goose:  "That's an hour away."

Miner:  "More like two. We have to hike out of here."

Goose:  "Are we going to die?"

Miner:  "If the rocks don't get you the black lung will."

Goose:  "I want my mommy.  What are you doing with that pick axe?"

Miner:  "Putting you, and me, out of our misery."

So when I complain that just about all my clients need late night appointments I'm sure you play your little violins for me.  However, thirty minutes after Fire woke up this morning I was headed off to work.

"You comin' home today?" he asks with excitement in his voice.

"Not.........uh.............until after you are in bed." With a tentative voice.


""  I wince as if I just twisted the knife.


Two days later Daisy calls to tell me Beast was going to bed and asked if I was ever coming home.  I felt like the plumber with the leaky faucet.  Well, hell no I'm not gonna go to work anymore.  I will counsel at my leisure but have my rates at an alarmingly high rate so I don't lose any income.  People will think that because I cost more I must have great counseling skills.  Also, since my time schedule will be tight, it will further confirm my ability to psychoanalyze the living sh*t out of any living thing because I'm so desireable. 

My master plan is coming together beautifully.

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