Saturday, February 12, 2011

(Father) The Quad

The red line is control of child while the blue line is warmth.  Too high on control and low on warmth and you fall into the Authoritarian box.  Too high on warmth and low on control and you fall into the Permissive category.  Most parents who give a damn want to be in the Authoritative box where structure and love are balanced.
If you see a family member who is Authoritative, and want to compliment them, make sure you say remember to say AuthoriTATive and not AuthoriTARian.  I would always get this mixed up on tests so I remembered TAR is bad and TAT is good.  TAT rhymes with CAT and a lot of people like cats.  If you say the wrong thing, and they look it up on the web, then they could end up holding resentment toward you for years.  And then when it comes to splitting up the inheritance you could find yourself fighting over the laundry basket.
 I saved this post as a draft a week ago and now find myself bored with it.  I think I'll start another one.

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