Monday, November 8, 2010

(Father/Husband) Got Penis?

No picture for this one.

Got together with a friend who has a boy the same age as Beast (4 yrs. old).  Have never met each other before but it only took about.......oh........75 seconds for one of them to say, "poop".  They laughed until it looked as though their sides hurt.  Then the other one caught his breath and repeated the word.  From what I witnessed the second poop statement was funnier than the first.

Poop, pee, and butt are only a fraction of what is funny to a boy.  The other word, of course, is penis.  The boys are more than aware of their own penis and think ripping their clothes off and running around the house shouting, "penis, penis penis!!!!" is wildly entertaining (reminds me of a Bachelor party I attended).  That is why I was struck with the seriousness of Beast's tone when discussing the topic of a penis to Daisy.

Beast:  Mom?

Daisy:  Yes Honey?

Beast:  Do you have a penis?

Daisy:  No.

Beast:  How come?

Daisy: Because I'm a girl and girls don't have penises.

Beast:  Why?

Daisy:  Because we aren't born that way.

Beast:  How do you pee?

Daisy:  Ummmm...........we sit down.

Beast:  Why?

Daisy:  We just do.  Here, let me get your shoes on.

Beast:  Fire has a penis.

Daisy:  Yes he does.

Beast:  Do you want a penis?

Daisy:  No.  I don't want a penis.

By this point Fire has come over showing curiosity with a face reflecting concern.

Fire:  Yo don wanna a penis?

Daisy:  No. Now let's get out to the car.

Now I step in.

Goose:  Do you feel left out? 

Daisy:  Are you men really so self absorbed to think everyone on the planet desires a penis?

Goose:  Freud said penis envy..........

Daisy:  Are you joking with me right now?

I chuckle.  Fire sees Daisy as distressed and comes over to pat her on the back.  And I swear on all things holy this is really what he said.

Fire:  Is ok.  Som day yo ge a penis.


  1. LOL! Reminds me of the cartoon of a little boy and a little girl looking down each other's pants. The girl says to the boy, "With one of these, I can get as many of those as I want."

  2. Yes, I can imagine that little boys would be very, very worried about mom and her "missing part."

    Linda -- OMG, that's terrible! LOL!

    And as for Freud -- with his theory about little boys wanting their mothers and being afraid their dads would castrate them -- that was one sick dude! How did he get to be the Father of Psychology? If he lived today, he'd be considered a pervert and he'd probably (oh let's face it) have his own talk show.

  3. Linda - Daisy thought your comment was hilarious. Probably because it is true.

    Dianne - Yes, a very polarizing figure. This quote speaks to what you are saying.

    "I always recognized Freud's greatness and genius, but he was extremely headstrong. He came out of nowhere and the world was hostile towards him. He had to be obstinate to gain acceptance. Had he not been obstinate, his theory would have remained unknown... Once he said to me:we have to turn the theory of the unconscious into a dogma, to make it immovable. Why a dogma, I replied, since sooner or later truth will have to win out? Freud explained: We need a dam against the black tide of mud of occultism."

    (from C.G. Jung Speaking, ed. by William McGuire, and R.F.C. Hull, 1978)