Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(Husband) Daisy meets Goose

I’m starting early but I don’t care, I’m too excited. I have no one who follows this blog or knows it exists. I’m simply getting these rusty fingers to begin writing again. So, with my two boys (ages 1 & 3) in bed, my wife playing outdoor soccer, and saltwater taffy in hand, I will begin with who else? The mysterious, lovely, charming group of people categorized as women.

I must admit, I was never a, “girls have cooties” kind of a guy. In fact, I distinctly remember drawing a peacock with hearts at the edge of each of its feathers for my girlfriend in 3rd grade. That girlfriend was later seen in High School with her boyfriend popping each other’s zits. They now have six kids. Anyway, a couple of years later I was invited to a birthday party for a potential girlfriend named, Karrie. I really liked her nose. I would try to twist my apple stem carefully enough to land on the letter K every time. I show up this party and find that I am the only boy among 12 girls. Foreshadowing my college major where I was among one guy for……..that’s right every 12 women. My College major? Maybe another time.

I’m sixteen and I’m standing on a manhole out in the street facing a basketball hoop from 30 feet away. I say to God, “If I make this then you have to grant me the most wonderful wife of all time.” I missed the shot which meant I had to retrieve the ball, utter the same phrase, and try to make the shot again. I eventually made it which put God in a pretty tough position. From what I understand, we made a deal and God is not one to break promises.

God came through on February 14th, 1997 and yes we all understand what holiday that date falls upon. She was not even a year out of High School and I was barely 40. It was my third marriage but this time I got it right. That’s not entirely true. I was 21, never been married and was so angry having not found love that I was not at all interested in getting married EVER!!!

I think I will stop for now. I have about fifty ideas for posts in the future so I hope you are not concerned this blog will be all about my life story. I just want to give a taste for who is writing.

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